By Mary Coffin Johnston

Orthodox visual science perceives that the images we see are constructed in the brain's visual cortex. A new wave of rebels challenge the current visual theory and echo new perceptions and perspectives:

    1. "The conventional scientific assumption is that they [images] are inside the brain. But this theory may be radically wrong. Our images may be outside us. Vision may involve a two-way process...."
    --Rupert Sheldrake, Seven Experiments That Could Change The World, Pg. 99.

    2. "The human body is like a sieve, it is built to allow energy to flow through it."
    --Jacob Liberman, O.D., Ph.D, Light-Medicine of the Future, Pg. 177

    3. "A divergent theoretical holographic visual model reveals energy is a two-eyed flow through system. The external object's positive electromagnetic energy connects with the eye's exiting negative impulses at the external backdrop, creates an interference pattern and presents to the extended mind the sight sensation - a hologram."
    -- Mary Coffin Johnston , Know Your Identity--The Other Side Of Reality, Pg. 49

This Visual Variation Experiments Website includes detailed experiments and diagrams for seven visual variations. Look closely at each and every aspect of the visual variations, then make a decision on the whole after the major clues have been reasoned out to reveal vision is a holographic construction outside the brain.

Know Your Identity--The Other Side of Reality, a memoir, shows the guidance received that unraveled the mysterious visual phenomena and opens the imagination to create a new holographic microscope - a different direction in holography modeled after the human visual system.

A fascinating and an unexpected reality worthy of inquiry to know includes:

  • how vision's upside down and backward signal are up righted?
  • how do the negative afterimage complementary colors become the colors we know the external world to be?
  • how can the background and foreground be reversed?
  • how does a high or low concentration affect vision?
  • how does the visual system create the illusion of image transparency or solidity?
  • how does a cross-eyed focus on two identical external objects create a closer, smaller, single hologram?
  • how is the current visual theory INCOMPLETE?

Is a divergent theoretical holographic visual model ahead of its time, too controversial, yet, worthy of analysis, study and investigation for a different perspective of vision? Without a doubt, new ideas and theories will be rejected by society's collective consciousness and meet with resistance. Are these different visual experiments valuable enough to plant the seeds to spark curiosity for present and future generations to analyze, study, and explore to complete the orthodox theory of vision?

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.
--Marcel Proust

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